Action plan for 2016 based on 2015 guest’s reviews

From last year’s guests reviews we pulled out 19 things you suggested us to fix or improve. Each action point can be in one of these 7 states (“not started yet”, “analysis ongoing”, “implementation ongoing”, “completed successfully”, “can’t do it this year, no money, we will try next one”, “impossible to do it :(“, “nothing to do”). We will daily or weekly update this article with the new state of each action point so that you and we can track the progress we made.


EDIT: today is 22-05-2016 and we have 2 more things to solve … the most important ones, but they are the biggest challenge … pool and bikes …

EDIT2: today is 06-06-2016 and until the end of this week everything should be solved … internet, pool and bikes …

EDIT3: today is 29-06-2016 and since 18-06-2016 everything is fixed

Action list:

A) not started yet

We are so happy that during May we managed to address all 19 action points you gave us 🙂

B) analysis ongoing

C) implementation ongoing

D) completed successfully

1) AP Kornati (2+2): bed is creaking, toilet seat is falling out of it’s position, fridge’s doors don’t close entirely = fridge’s door and toiled seat fixed … bed checked couple of times … everything seems fine

2) AP Krka (4+2): hot water was missing twice = valve was replaced with the one better quality … tested for a quite long time and no problems notices

3) AP Kalelarga (6+2): washing machine wasn’t working = we filed a complain and as it warranty was still valid we received a new one

4) Water was leaking sometimes outside shower cabins in all apartments = all shower cabins were fully dismounted and mounted again, no leaking any more

5) In apartments there were no kettles = we bought one for each apartment

8) Bigger cutting boards = bought, you can find them in the kitchen 🙂

10) Put bigger pool in backyard = pool is delivered and installed last week. firefighters delivered us water needed for the pool. their pipe wasn’t clean as we asked them and now water is little bit cloudy. water is not crystal bright as we want it to be. water is medically and chemically OK. we just need to make it brighter. water is under regular and approved treatment. until 12-06-2016 it should be ready for usage. update, 29-06-2016: pool is installed with all the toys and ready for use since 18-06-2016

New bigger pool

12) There was only 1 helmet for the scooter = we bought 1 more helmet

16) WI-FI is poor in the backyard = we bought and installed Dlink extender. It is installed on Kornati’s terrace. It works perfect. Now in the whole backyard there is good quality WI-FI signal. Signal quality is still not good enough on Krka’s terrace so one more extender is bought. It will be installed until 12-06-2016 in Krka’s bedroom. update, 29-06-2016: one more extender is installed on Krka’s terrace. now Internet Wi-Fi signal is really good across the whole house and in the backyard


18) Check this site and put your ad there, = thanks for advice, we checked the site and put our apartments there … you can find them on these links (Kalelarga, Krka, Kornati), it will take some time until they approve our ads

19) replace 2 old bikes for adults = we are in the middle of process of buying 2-3 bikes for kids and 2-3 bikes for adults … they will not be brand new, but will be better than the old ones 🙂 bikes are found. until 12-06-2016 all bikes and stand for them should be installed in Bibinje and ready for use. update, 29-06-2016: for the last 2 weeks bikes are available for our guests and they can use them free of charge. they are not the newest one but this is the best of used bikes in Zadar county we managed to find

Bikes and Scooter

E) can’t do it this year, no money, we will try next one

6) Backyard: pave paths and fence, plant grass and vegetables

7) Mosquito mesh on windows

14) On the main road there is no road sign pointing to your location = regulations and laws are really complicated as we don’t have neighbors permission to put the sing on his property … now we need to ask local government for permission to put it on their property (near the road) … in the mean time please follow our guidelines … we got feedback from local government but the price is not real, it’s huge (for just 1 sign). we will try to do it next year

F) impossible to do it 🙁

9) Some solution so that balcony doors could be closed from outside = can’t be done … they are not designed for that … if you have idea how to do it give us a tip

11) Lying swing on terraces = no enough space on the terraces, we will try to put one in the backyard but at the moment we don’t have a place where to hang it 🙁

15) Mirror is needed on the main road … when coming from your house and trying to join the main road … visibility is not good enough = we asked in local government office but we didn’t get approval for that

17) Illuminate the path = we are not owners of the path. local government needs to take care of this. they promise that each year but unfortunately nothing happens. we will just need to wait little bit more.

G) nothing to do

13) We had ants … we didn’t have anything against them 🙂 = why you didn’t tell us immediately, in cases like this just come to us…ps. our house is on peace and quite place … that means that 4 years ago bugs and insects lived there … and then we came and built a house … if you want to have peace and quite it is normal that sometimes you will see little bit of ants, bugs or mosquitoes 🙂

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