1) How far are the beaches?

On this map below you can find where each beach is. It is PDF file. You just use “Zoom” to enlarge the map. Resolution is fine. You will be able to see all the details.

bibinje map

Here you can check where we are located on that map. Just above beaches “Šulterova vala” and “Na škaljici”.


On this picture (below) you can also see the distance between our house and see. We are just above the main square which is marked with red on picture.


Now you can by yourself calculate the distance to every beach you are interested in.

It is approximately 700 – 1000 m distance to nearest beach. Our house is 22 m above the sea level.

Is 700 m long walk or not depends on your preferences. We go to beach on foot.

Trip to beach is really not a problem as you will walk downhill. It is 10 minute walk.

When you will go back home you will experience small uphill walk but it is 3% tilt (in average) so it shouldn’t be a problem.

We know that we are not 10 m from the beach but we provide you other 2 must have conditions for a good rest, PEACE & QUIET 🙂

2) Are they good?

On this link you can read Tourist Board’s article about beaches in Bibinje. Couple of beaches are described there.

We managed to find couple of useful Google Street View (recorded in August 2011) positions:

– beach “Na škaljici

– beach “Punta

– beach “Šulterova vala

3) Our favorites?

Following 3 (image below) beaches are our favorites (Karabani, Šutlerova vala and Punta). Beaches are marked with red hearts and our house is marked with red star.


4) Beaches suitable for babies (to hide up during hot time)?

First beach from the left (without name on the map but it’s name is “Karabani“, it has the best ice cream 🙂 ) is the one with lots of green trees and shade. Very suitable for you with babies and for you who don’t want to be on sun all day and want to to hide up during hot time. Another two with trees and shade are “Punta Rožica” and “Lipauska”

5) Sandy shoal?

Punta Rožica has sandy shoal and gravel in deeper water.

6) Watersports

On beaches “Punta” and “Karabani” you can find watersport activities.


(photo: 2019)

7) Lots of other photos / pictures?

Please also check these FaceBook pages where there are lots of other pictures. You will not regret if you come to Bibinje for your vacation/holiday.

2 thoughts on “Beaches

  • Odporúčam všetkým toto ubytovanie . Vynikajúce , krásne , čisté . Na privítanie nás čakalo ovocie , chladené nápoje , zmrzlina a sušienky . Vychladená mineálna voda samozrejmosť . Milý velmi príjemný a starostilvý majitelia ubytovania . Parkovanie velmi dobré ako aj okolie domu . Blizko vela pláži a 2 min. peši do centra . Vynikajúca poloha . Lepšie ubytovanie v chorvátsku nie je ani nenájdete . Počas celého pobytu sa majitelia o nás starali najlepšie ako vedeli . Internet super rýchly bez problémou . Pre pobyt z detmi ako aj psom velmi velmi vhodný . Z ubytovania sa dostanete velmi rýchlo kam potrebujete či do mesta Zadar alebo po okoli kde je všetko . Ešte raz Ďakujem majitelom za ich starostlivost o spokojnosť zákazníka .
    I recommend all this accommodation. Excellent, beautiful, clean. Warm fruit, cold drinks, ice cream and biscuits waited for us. Chilled mine water, of course. Dear, very nice and starving owners of accommodation. Parking is very good as well as the surroundings of the house. Close to the beach and 2 min. Walk to the center. Excellent location. Better accommodation in Croatia is not even found. Throughout the stay, the owners cared best for us than they knew. Internet super fast without any problem. It is very convenient to stay from children and dogs. From the accommodation you can get very quickly where you need to go to Zadar or the surroundings where everything is. Once again, I thank the owners for their concern about customer satisfaction.

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