Guest arrival process

1) On arrival day we wait until guests show up. If they are more than 2 hours late we give them a call and check is everything ok or if they need any help. Maybe they need help finding our place or they are just stuck in traffic jam.

2) When guests arrive we show them their apartment. We give them up to 30 minutes to fresh up, have a fresh drink and settle down. During these 30 minutes they should check the apartment. When they are ready they look for the host to do check-in.

3) 1st step in check-in process is populating and signing “Permission to Process Personal Data form – giving GSM number to host is mandatory.

4) Next step is to populate “Property handover form” in 2 copies.

5) They together go once again through terms, conditions and house rules. Host answers on guests questions if something is not clear enough, etc…

6) At the end they both sign “Property handover forms”.

7) Before key handover guest must pay (total price – deposit) for their stay. Guest receives a receipt for their payment. Guests who made full payment to travel agency or booking portal (AirBnB for example) skip this step 🙂 .

8) After payment guest receives apartment key.

9) Host gives short introduction of apartment by walking through the apartment together with the guest and giving instructions what is where and how to use each thing (SAT TV, Internet, Air conditioner, dishwasher, washing machine, etc…)

10) Guest gives all passports and/or ID cards to host so that host can do online registration at tourist board (eVisitor).

11) Host returns all documents to guest within 1 hour.

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