Everything what you find in backyard and garden can be used free of charge. It is shared between everybody staying in our house. As you know when something is shared communication between everyone is essential so please don’t forget to talk to each other 🙂 .

– bikes (for kids, children and adults, with baby chairs)

– grill / barbeque with baking bell/hood (peka, sač, saće, čripnja), icemaker, fridge, sink, portable electric stove and electric bell/hood

– sun deck chairs with sunshades, solar shower, garden swing for 4 people and couple of pools, from smallest ones for babies to biggest one

– kid’s wooden and plastic tables, play house with slide, ladder and swing (photo #1, #2), sandbox, darts, table tennis, trampoline, badminton, table soccer

– baby swing and lots of other kids/baby toys

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Photos (2018):


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