Fully equipped apartments with backyard for up to 18 people. check our guest's reviews. you will see how we make our guests satisfied :)

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Sun / Temperature / Rain ratio



We perfectly satisfied over 500 guests till now …



Punta Rožica, Punta, Na škaljici, …



Zadar, Krka, Kornati, Velebit, …

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Little history about us and our apartments. Welcome message for our guests:
We as family are dedicated to meeting and exceeding your expectations! Our mission is to make your holiday unforgettable. Give us a chance :) You will enjoy your stay!

Hello and welcome to our home!

It is a pleasure to have you staying with us! Our family name is Kosalec. We are from Zagreb and this is our weekend cottage opened for you also. Land was bought in 2002 from one local family. In 2012 we started and finished "rohbau". Garage became our place to stay and relax. We turned it into small studio apartment. If you are interested how this work looked like, check this 10 minute video (image slideshow with music in the background).

Nikolina and me (Vedran) are married since 2014. Our little girl Rita was born in 01/2016 and Luka in 08/2019. My sister (Ines) and Šimo are married since Valentine's Day in 2015 (yes, special date for wedding :D <3). They now have 3 little girls, Helena (11/2015), Korina (12/2016) and Tena (01/2019). The amount of happiness in our lives cannot be explained. If you have kids, you know what we are talking about :). Our parents (Jasminka and Ranko) are in well-deserved retirement.

In 2015, when we started to be parents and our parents will soon to go into retirement, we were motivated to finish the house so that all of us can come with our families and friends and relax enjoying in our beautiful Adriatic seaside. All the finalization work was done from January to July 2015. Ranko and Daniel (Nikolina's brother) by themselves did almost everything you will see. Neighbors (especially Pere and Branko) and our family friend Kruno also helped us a lot. Their openness and willingness to help is remarkable. Without them we could never finish everything before summer 2015. If you live in house you know that there is always something to improve and to add new things. That is also the case here in our house. House is fully equipped with everything you will need during your stay. If something is missing or broken or not working, please tell us immediately and we will make it right. We really want that you have everything you need during your stay.

As we also love traveling, experiencing new places and relaxing on the sun, we decided to welcome you in our home so you can experience and enjoy in Croatia’s beauty too. We encourage you to take the maximum from your holiday. Please relax and enjoy your holiday with your families and friends. Just as we love to do it :).

Our mission is to make your holiday unforgettable! Please feel free to ask any questions. If there is anything we can do to make your stay more enjoyable, please let us know. We as family are dedicated to meeting and exceeding your expectations, so if you not satisfied with your stay for any reason, let us know and we will Make It Right. Whether you are here to connect with others or take a moment for yourself and your family, we hope you will enjoy your stay! Vedran

  • Sun / Temperature / Rain ratio

  • We perfectly satisfied over 280 guests for now …

  • Punta Rožica, Punta, Na škaljici, ...

  • Zadar, Krka, Kornati, Velebit, ...

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