All our guests are insured at Croatian’s best insurance company, Allianz Zagreb d.d., part of very powerful global Allianz brand which serves 78 million customers in 70 countries since 1890.


Guests are INSURED AGAINST ACCIDENTS with extra option of COVERING MEDICAL (TREATMENT) COSTS up to 6.000 HRK (800 €).

Terms and Conditions for voluntary personal insurance against accidents on Croatian can be found HERE (or click on the image below).


Here we will translate the most important parts … check below.

The term “accident”
Article 5th

(1) an accident shall be any event which is sudden and independent of the guest’s will and which operates outside and suddenly to the guest’s body. Consequences of the accident has deterioration of guest’s health and requires medical attention.
(2) Following events are considered as accident: trampling, crash, impact by or on any other object, electric shock or lightning, fall, slipping, tumbling down, wounding with weapons, sting or bite by animals, sting by insects, except where such sting causes an infectious disease.
(3) The accident is considered to be the following:
1. poisoning with chemicals;
2. infection injury caused by an accident;
3. poisoning due to inhalation of gases or poisonous vapors
4. burns caused by fire or electricity, hot objects, liquids or steam, acids, etc .;
5. choking and drowning;
6. choking or suffocation due to covering with soil, sand, etc.;
7. muscle strain, sprain, sprains, fractures of bones due to abrupt bodily movements or sudden exertions caused unforeseen external events;
8. influence of light, sunlight, temperature or bad weather;

The scope of the insurer’s obligations
Article 8th

(8) The cost of (medical) treatment. If an accident results in a deterioration of guest’s health that requires medical attention, and covering of medical expenses was contracted (yes, we did that), after the evidences are filed to the insurer, insurer will paid to the guest all actual and necessary medical expenses incurred, but up to 6.000 HRK (800 €)
(9) The cost of treatment in the preceding paragraph includes the purchase of artificial limbs, but only if it is necessary in the opinion of medical specialists.
The insurer is obligated to reimburse only the part of the cost of treatment that was really paid by the guest. Treatment MUST be carried out in the Republic of Croatia.
There is no obligation of the insurer to pay compensation for medical expenses in spa, spas and similar health institutions.
Insurance of rescue costs is included also. Check paragraph 12.
(12) The cost of the rescue. In the accident and guest’s rescue using helicopter or airplane insurer pays only the necessary and proven costs incurred in order to save lives insured in inaccessible places or to provide the necessary and urgent medical aid.
When the accident happens to the guest, the insurer pays the resulting rescue expenses insured by helicopter or plane up to 5.000 HRK (660 €).
Cover of the cost of rescue is normally paid to the person who proves to be borne of these costs.

Insurer’s liability limit
Article 9th

(1) Contracted insured sums are reduced if accident happened while guest was doing something of these: alpinism, base jumping, combat sports, bungee jumping, horse riding, diving or caving;